Monday, July 27, 2009


I love to take pictures. I went to NYC this weekend and I took a few pics check em out... no stealing!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tiden Flyver.

I know im like super late. But I found this new group I love.
Boom Clap Bacherors. Their music is great. They are a group from
Denmark that started out in 2005. Check out the bio...........

I know its super small. ^
I can listen to their music all day. "call me weird call me crazy" but i like it!

One of their songs is currently playing on my page. Its called "Tiden Flyver" with the AFTA-1 remix

Monday, July 13, 2009

Weee oo wee oo wee, Like a cop car.

1:13 am on a Sunday night/Monday morning. No cars outside. I come upon a stop sign i pause at the stop sign, look for cars there are no cars, so I proceed with caution. A cop comes from a gas station, gets behind me and pulls me over. He comes to my window and ask for just my license, so i had it to him. Mind you I live in Florida because I go to school here. 

My car has a Maryland license plate and I have a Maryland drivers license because thats where I'm from. Also keep in mind that I live in a college town were there are three big colleges within in five minutes of each other. So there are lots of out of state students with out of state license plates. And this cop gonna ask me "So you from out of town?" ... duh retard!!! And then he's like "so are u visiting?" and I'm like "no I'm a student!!" .... "just like the other 20,000 out of state students. 

So he doesnt even tell me what he pulls me over for, I had to ask him. Then he comes back with a citation for running a stop sign. and he didn't even tell me how much it was for. So i asked him and this dude is like "$158 dollars"!!!! and then I said "What are u serious? for pausing at a stop sign??!!" And he's like "no you ran the stop sign" And I'm jus like "ok". 

I jus feel like he so didnt have to write that ticket because he knows dag on well there were nooo cars out there and he had the nerve to say "you coulda casued an accident"... I'm thinkin to myself "with who??!!" But that's fine the Lord will take care of him cause that was just so unnecessary of him to give me that ticket.  

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Chanel Iman
"Favorite Model"

Louis Vuitton Spring 09 Ready to Wear
My favorite line of the season!!! 

^^"Freshest dudes in the game."^^

Marc by Marc Jacobs Summer/Spring 09 Ready to Wear


Just a few things on my wish list
Burberry Cross Bag

Burberry Jacket
Prada Aviators 

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


And he's back.. the moment I've been waiting for.. This is not the L.U.P.end...
Lupe's new album LASERS dropping later this year! FNF UP!!!! . Check out his new single "Shinning Down"(feat. Matthew Santos) on iTunes.  I really feel like this album bout to rock
What yall think?? 

Check out the trailer. "What do we want" "We are not LOSERS"

Monday, July 6, 2009


"Ive been workin this grave shift and I ain't made s***, I wish I could buy me a spaceship and fly pass the sky..."--Kanye West
I sit at my computer and relax my mind as I listen to the sounds of of various instruments.
I can't live without my  iPod, iPhone my camera or my laptop and Malcolm X is super inspirational... 

I've recently become addicted to Nerds. I think its time for an intervention. Its not that bad, I not that bad, I jus like Nerds a lot... I think it's because Walgreens has candy on sell 3 for 3... lol "I'm tryna stay recession free"
This is what is looks like wen I'm on my computer.. lol 

Thursday, July 2, 2009


"They told me to act my age, not my color." What the hell is that supposed to mean? So I've been thinkin..... hmmmm. what does this life have in store for me?? There are so many thing i want to accomplish in life. Where do I start? Who knows. Btw. I ramble a lot soo... Who am I... I am Marissa! I greatly appreciate the value of life.. I try very hard to live it to the fullest... "If you aint livin your life to the fullest you aint livin at all!" Whoop there it is. I sometimes, well lots of times find myself no caring about lots of things. 

I jus go with the flow. Life is too short for me to focus on somethings. I try to keep negativity out of my life as much as possible. Sometimes it finds its way in. Like the other day.. I had a really bad day... oh well thats over.. the world's still spinning.. Do you ever like feel really good about everything and your just having a great day just because then you think of that one thing that just flips the whole script??? Well I have. It sucks. But for about 90% of the time I'm having a good day. I think thats good amount of time. College life can weigh a lot on students sometimes. There the social aspect and academics. 
Yea its only two things but they are huge.. anyone in college knows what im talking about. I jus tell myself everyday to be very grateful for the things and people that God has blessed me with, grateful for every little thing!! I tell myself.. "Marissa its life.. be grateful that you are alive, be happy, no matter how down you are feeling that day, IT WILL, be ok no matter how many mistakes you've made God will forgive you.. and you must forgive yourself... I love life, I cherish live, I live life... Smile jus because you can

For those people who have negative people in their lives who have nothing better to do but TRY to make your life a living hell. you know what u say to them??... Jus 3 simple letters.... SYM!!!! (So You Mad)!! lol 

Love yourself, Love others, and good will come unto you!!!!