Monday, August 10, 2009


i havent been blogging as frequently there has been
so much going on lately. ive been home in the DMV
for a lil while and its been soo hard for me to hang with all
the people i want.. booo!!! i leave Friday!! ack to FL i go and im soo excited
cant wait for this new semester... i dont like to come home a lot dont really
do a lot here.. lots of my friends are a lil whack.. no offense.. oh well
i have my own fun anyway!! lol
Jua recently my new roomie from FL came to the DMV! we had tons of fun
wish i could've shown her more fun but she said she had a great time thats
all that matters i guess....
I also jus recently had a sucky run-in with a family member who was someone very close
to me... key word.. WAS... you know how people tell u that ur family will be the first ones
to screw u over? well i knew that but not until about a week ago i jus experienced that
i would tell u guys the story but thats super extra!!! she totally screwed me over
but hey guess what after this blog she deserves no more of my time.. God
bless her soul!!... lol
Sooo.. like im soooo excited to move into my new apt... cant wait to meet my new roomies
the only sucky thing is i have to live with 3 girls... 1 of who i already know which is
fine....i hope the other one are cool
imma try to go into this semester with a strong focused determined mind...
gotta focus on my schoolwork college is a blower

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