Wednesday, September 2, 2009


^Kamaal The Abstract^
Omg wen i say excited,hype pressed, pretty much whatever u can think of
im prolly super late to be such a big fan
i feel like his last album "The Renaissance" jus came out
and here he is back at it again!!! ive been waiting 4 this new album
This is a man of the past and the future. his words are
still sick.. i got a sneak preview of this new album which is
entitled "Kamaal The Abstract" and i can truly say i dig it
duh!!! this is what i call hip-hop guys.. the beats on these songs are crazy
they have not set flow, they jus go! and he uses a live band!! i can dig it...
go cop this new album "Kamaal the Abstract" on September 15, 2009!!!
pop this album in and jus chilllllll......

September 15!!!

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