Tuesday, October 13, 2009

RoyaleFam Nike Blazer - Varsity Bones 'The Thriller'

Yo. i want these... i dont care what u think
i love them!! do people still wear blazers
anyway... oh well it dont matter if they do
i still want these! HOT!!

Check out the third part of the Varsity Bones collection from RoyaleFam, the Nike Blazer “The Thriller”. I don’t think I even need to mention that these are influenced by Michael Jackson’s insane leather jacket from Thriller. Featuring a red leather upper with studded collars, black satin, and a zipper baseline, this sneaker is insane. Available on Oct. 5th from RoyaleFam, get yours. via Uristocrat


  1. Hey you! I'm a friend of Brandon and just wanted to shout out to you.Nice job n man DO I AGREE WITH YA on those shoes...I wanna marry 'em shoes... :)


  2. Wow! Those things are hideous! Horrible!! Ugly as hell!!!! Cnt believe u like those... or maybe I can, lol.