Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Paramore's new cd came out days ago.
titled "Brand New Eyes"....
i love rock music Paramore is one of
my favorite bands! check out their
Myspace page! this great.. im not
surprised tho... all the others were
great as well.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


its been about 6 days since this dropped.
if you dont already have it or ever herd it go check it out
Kid Cudi "Man On The Moon:End of the Day"

my favorite song on this album is "Hyyerr"!!!


Daniel "Diggy" Simmons... this kid is hella cool. style on the one thou-sand! He's always up on the hottest fashion. check out his blog... RIGHT HERE!

Cram Session

super duper bored in the library i have a flippin exam on tuesday
and im sooo lost in the sauce .... will be right back in the library tmrw!!
College sucks and blows!!

Monday, September 14, 2009


jus because im in a great mood, im blessed, im grateful and i love my life!
hellz yea


jus wanted to acknowledge another great artist
her name is Erin Boheme..
he music has a real cool jazzy mellow and a
lil pop to it. it suck that people like her
dont get recognized... but she great. follow her
on twitter or check out her myspace page


1st i loooveee jazz music its the effin best
this guy right here is Jackiem Joyner. he is thee
epitomy of greatness!!! i need this in my life
i really wish i could go to a live jazz restuarnt here
in this wack town but we either dont have any or
i dont know of any!! to go she him live would
be the greatest thing ever. but jus wanna see any
jazz player or band. check out jackiem joyner's
soo worth it..

take me here

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


^Kamaal The Abstract^
Omg wen i say excited,hype pressed, pretty much whatever u can think of
im prolly super late to be such a big fan
i feel like his last album "The Renaissance" jus came out
and here he is back at it again!!! ive been waiting 4 this new album
This is a man of the past and the future. his words are
still sick.. i got a sneak preview of this new album which is
entitled "Kamaal The Abstract" and i can truly say i dig it
duh!!! this is what i call hip-hop guys.. the beats on these songs are crazy
they have not set flow, they jus go! and he uses a live band!! i can dig it...
go cop this new album "Kamaal the Abstract" on September 15, 2009!!!
pop this album in and jus chilllllll......

September 15!!!