Sunday, November 21, 2010

Big Sean in Tallahassee

So Big sean came to Tallahassee! This town is so small its hard to get rappers here. But that past semester there's been a couple people here. I went to the Wiz Khalifa concert last month, and to see Ludacris and Wale. But anyway, the concert was amazing. Well i had fun. He performed some of my favorite songs. I was in the epitome of the front. He's so cute. and his hands were so soft. lol. There weren't tons of people there which also made it better. Someone from the crowd gave Big Sean their Florida State snapback, n here wore it the whole show. Even though I go to FAMU, that was cool. lol. I also got meet him afterwards. Super, super, down to earth, which made me love him even more. My friend Dierdre took some really good pics. And recorded from the handy dandy iphone. (posted below)

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