Sunday, June 21, 2009

Study Time....

Today I studied for my american history exam. Yea its summer. Summer school bites. I love listening to music while i study on instrumental tho cuz I'll start singing the words. lol. I cant sing.  I hope i get a good grade! Wish me luck!

Btw, I frikin love Charles Hamilton. His rhymes are sick!! I really need to update my iPod with every rhyme he's ever spit..

Wanna hear something gross..?? I was rubbing my nose.. not i wasn't digging this time... but I was rubbing my nose and my nose ring fell through my nose. I thought it came out. Eww I know right. But the disappointing part about it was I wanted to get a smaller one. Don't know how that's gonna work out.... "fascal flats!!" 


  1. yo yo!!!!!!!! took forever to find this !!!! but im proud of you dawg!

  2. Ewww Nasty lol
    Cool pic tho I like all ur pics